UN Women in Ethiopia Supports Electoral Cycles to be Gender Sensitive

Authors/editor(s): UN Women

The brief with the title  'UN Women in Ethiopia Supports Electoral Cycles to be Gender Sensitive' is a summary on Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections(BRIDGE) training workshop held by UN Women Ethiopia in Addis Ababa to create a pool of able trainers who can train various stakeholders including women members of political parties in view of upcoming Ethiopia’s general election and beyond.

The objective of the workshop was to enhance participants understanding on how to make the electoral cycle gender-sensitive and increase women’s political and civic participation.

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The brief aims to inform on the contents, context and approach used in the training workshop as well as  UN Women’s continuous  support   to increase equal and effective participation of women in leadership in collaboration with key stakeholders.

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Geographic coverage: Africa; Ethiopia

UN Women office involved in publication: Liaison Office to the African Union (Addis Ababa)

Publication year: 2020