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The assessment offers a series of measures for re forming Ethiopian law to ensure that laws are gender sensitive and more effective at ensuring gender equal ity and non-discrimination. Most notable is that a total of 5 laws or provisions must be repealed in whole or in part; 26 laws must be revised or amended and two (2) new laws must be enacted to bring Ethiopia’s legislative framework in line with its regional and international obligations on gender equality and women’s empowerment. The report also emphasizes the need to prioritize the implementation of national laws that comply with gender equality standards, and in this context, recommends one policy measure to ensure that laws fully deliver on women’s rights
The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic must be viewed with a gendered lens to protect women and girls and address the increase in VAWG during this pandemic. In Ethiopia, this can be accomplished with accelerated and concerted efforts of the Government and the United Nations, in partnership with other development agencies and national civil society organizations. This Policy brief presents overview of the increased in GBV in Ethiopia and give recommendations on measures to be taken to address the issue.