Women lead and participate in decision making at all levels

Women's Political Participation
Photo: UN Women Uganda

UN Women supports coalitions of women leaders across the political spectrum in government, parliament, the private sector and civil society to lobby and identify effective strategies aimed at promoting effective participation of women in leadership positions in all sectors.

UN Women supports women parliamentarians, civil society organizations (CSOs) and the private sector to identify bottlenecks to women’s participation in leadership and fashion appropriate strategies to address them. Through our work, we partner with the Women’s Movement to build a cadre of women leaders to advocate for women’s rights and for meaningful participation of women at all levels of decision-making.

We work with government institutions to develop gender responsive policies and guidelines and practices that can promote women participation in politics and other governance processes. We support capacity building programmes for aspiring and elected women leaders including implementing a mentorship programme for young women leaders to ensure their effective participation in all political processes and decision-making roles.