Promoting Women’s Engagement in Peace and Security in Northern Nigeria

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The Programme Promoting Women’s Engagement in Peace and Security in Northern Nigeria is a 4-year initiative (2014-2018), designed to support the Nigerian Government (Federal level), three Northern States (Adamawa, Plateau and Gombe) and selected constituent Local Government Areas (LGAs) to strengthen women’s leadership, advance gender equality and improve protection for women and children in conflict settings.  The overall objective of the project is to ensure the practical implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 in three northern states of Nigeria and to document its benefits to the management, mitigation and resolution of conflict on a demonstration basis.

The Programme has three inter-locked components, each with their own specific objective:

  1. Strengthen women’s role in conflict prevention, peacemaking and peace building;
  2. Mitigate the impact of conflict upon women and girls; and
  3. Enhance a conducive environment for effective implementation of UNSCR 1325-NAP, and monitoring gender equality commitments in Nigeria.

Interventions are coordinated through a results-based strategy to raise the capacities of Nigerian institutions, women’s groups and gender equality advocates over a 4-year programme cycle.  The activities related to each thematic area (e.g., women’s leadership in peace-making, improved rights-violation monitoring/reporting and protection services, and national implementation of women, peace and security, and gender equality frameworks) will pursue common overall objectives while remaining flexible to fit specificities of the three target states. Yobe and Borno States are secondary beneficiaries of the Programme; some activities are implemented in these states, while also creating opportunities for stakeholders in the states to benefit from major initiatives undertaken in the three target states.

The programme is funded by the European Union and has a budget of 9,700,000 Euro, with an additional 300,000 Euro available directly to the EU Delegation for communication and monitoring and evaluation activities.  UN Women is the overall executing agency, but implementing the programme in partnership with UNICEF, responsible  for implementation of component two,  and the Federal and State Ministries of Women Affairs. CSOs, Media Networks, Women Peace Advocates and Gender Advocates are among others engaged strategic partners.

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