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Promoting access to livelihoods and inclusive financing for conflict affected women and girls in South Sudan

20 July 2017

Promoting access to livelihoods and inclusive financing for conflict affected women and girls in South Sudan More

Township entrepreneurs prove that investing in women-owned businesses makes economic sense

20 July 2017

It’s difficult to miss Jay-Beez Fast Food on Jane Muso Street in Kagiso. The green lawn, multi-coloured chairs and tables and the distinct smell of frying magwinya (local doughnuts) draw you in. Inside owner Gape Bogopane, her husband Jabu and her assistant Lady are busy taking orders from hungry customers, many of whom reside across the road in a mining hostel. Gape outside her shop.  Photo: UN Women/Susan Kimathi Caption Jay Beez did not always have this buzz or... More

Rural women in Ethiopia get involved in income generating activities

19 July 2017

Mrs.Kebela Gure, is a 30 - year old wife and mother of five from Adamitulu District, Oromia region in Ethiopia.  She dropped out of school in 8 th grade to work and financially support her family. Mrs. Gure’s key priorities are to give her children a good education and improve her family’s livelihood. In Dodola District, still in Oromia region, is a 38-year old Mrs. Teletech Bekelpe. Her husband’s sudden death forced Mrs. Tadelech, who was financially dependent on him,... More

Zimbabwean women farmers on their way to financial freedom

19 July 2017

The Reserve Bank in Murehwa, Zimbabwe assured Zimbabwean women farmers (participating in a UN Women Zimbabwe supported initiative to improve women’s incomes) that they will receive financial support to up-scale production and access markets is high on the Central Bank’s agenda. The Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank, Dr Charity Dhliwayo, told the women, “The Reserve Bank will soon establish a Women Empowerment Fund to meet the financial needs of lower-income earning women... More

From where I stand: “We thought gender was only for educated people”

18 July 2017

Modesta Mujawariya talking to her community \Photo: UN Women, Franz Benjamin Stapelberg I have been a farmer for as long as I can remember. Now, a widow with two married daughters, farming is my only source of income. I work on my farm for at least eight hours a day, starting early in the morning. I don’t have much time to rest. I helped found the (Coopcuma) cooperative, and have 12 plots registered under my name. I didn’t know the exact size of my land until I joined... More

Refugee women find safety and embrace new lives in Tanzania

18 July 2017

In Tanzania, refugee women find safety and embrace new lives More

In pastoral communities of Kenya, women bear the brunt of drought

18 July 2017

In Turkana county, women have to walk long distances in search of water |Photo credit: UN Women, Kennedy Okoth In the Turkana county of northern Kenya, walking miles and queuing at the water points has become a daily chore for many women. “This is my routine three times a day,” says Paulina Epung’u, a resident of Lotureirei. “I have to fetch water for our use and for the goats and sheep too, as they are too weak to walk.” Epung’u, 58... More

Maternal health gets a new boost in Liberia

18 July 2017

A dim ray of sunlight shines through the window of the Post-Partum Room at Bodowhea Clinic in Liberia’s River Cess County. In the small space, which is also used as a storeroom for drugs and other medical supplies, midwife Lorina Karway, 41, attends to a mother and her new born baby. Due to the lack of electricity the night before, Karway and her colleagues had struggled to care for the pregnant woman who had been rushed to the clinic for an emergency delivery. This time, they were... More

Handbooks Amplifying Women’s Role in Peace and Security Processes in Africa Launched

17 July 2017

Handbooks Amplifying Women’s Role in Peace and Security Processes in Africa Launched More

Senegalese women leaders mobilize for peace and women’s leadership

14 July 2017

Over twenty women leaders from well-established women's organizations and civil society across Senegal convened on 6 July 2017 at the Women's Museum of the Place du Souvenir to mark the launch of the “Ettu Jamm” in Dakar, Senegal . “ Ettu Jamm”, (which translates to “Peace Space” in the Wolof national language) is a women’s platform for peaceful elections in Senegal which was launched ahead of the forthcoming legislative elections to take place on July... More

Women candidates in Senegal undergo leadership capacity building training

12 July 2017

Fifty women vying for seats in Senegal’s forthcoming legislative polls scheduled on July 30 th participated in a three-day capacity building workshop towards sharpening their campaign strategies. The workshop was hosted by Alliance for Migration, Leadership and Development (AMLD), in partnership with the national unit of the Peace and Security Network for Women in the ECOWAS Space, on Tuesday 4th July in Dakar. Among the facilitators, were a team of academics in electoral... More

Call for Journalist Capacity Building Training

11 July 2017

Training name :                 Gender Responsive Story Telling and Documenting Stories of Success and follow-up practical engagement Dates:                                  8-11 August, 2017 Location:        ... More

Gender Café on women’s leadership and political participation

05 July 2017

The 11 th edition of the Gender Café - a platform for discussion to scale up women’s empowerment and gender equality in Cameroon was held in Ngaoundere on 22 June 2017. The event was held under the theme: Women and politics: ways and means of ensuring the full participation of women through free, equitable and gender sensitive elections. More

Sierra Leonean women in agribusiness are critical for inclusive economic growth

29 June 2017

Women represent 70 percent of the agricultural labor force of Sierra Leone and they play an important role in natural resource management and food production. Despite the critical position and contribution of women in agriculture, women are often discriminated against ownership, access to and control of land, and most importantly, women are not realizing their economic impact from their agricultural activities. This is largely because of discriminatory, customary and statutory laws which favor... More

Transformational leadership for women and youth in agribusiness is essential for sustainable development

27 June 2017

Agriculture in Africa provides an estimated two-thirds of the population with employment and contributes up to a quarter of GDP. About 80 percent of the workforce in the sector are women and girls yet they do not have equal access to opportunities for agricultural transformation as their male counterparts. There is an untapped potential in agriculture to help reduce poverty, create jobs, and establish food security. This requires a guiding framework in agriculture and a strategy for women and... More

UN Women statement for International Widows’ Day

23 June 2017

Ellen Mlalazi is a widow from rural Zimbabwe. She supports a household of 10, both children and grandchildren, despite the limited economic opportunities in the Binga region that reflect the ongoing crises and prevalent gender inequality. Ellen is just one of millions of widows around the world who struggle to claim their equal human rights after the loss of a husband; an event that can lead to enduring poverty for women and their families. Although accurate information is limited, it has... More

In Tanzania, refugee women find safety and embrace new lives

20 June 2017

Korotirida Minani found a second home in Nduta Refugee camp after fleeing from her hometown in Burundi in late 2015. Photo: UN Women/Deepika Nath Mpawenayo Seraphine, 38 years old, walked over 60 km with her husband and six children to reach the Tanzanian border from Rutana, Burundi in September 2015. They were fleeing the escalating violence in her native village. The family found safety at the Mtendeli Refugee Camp. There Seraphine learnt entrepreneurship and small business skills... More

Statement: We must bring women’s voices, knowledge and leadership to the heart of humanitarian action

20 June 2017

No one chooses to leave their home and their possessions lightly. To become a refugee is to have experienced unbearable circumstances, swapping immediate peril for unquantifiable risk. Women and girls are often the most affected, facing uncertainties of status and rights, and dangers including strong likelihood of sexual violence.  UNFPA  estimates that 26 million women and adolescent girls in their childbearing years need humanitarian assistance around the world today. Some... More

Rural women poised to receive support in climate-smart agriculture

16 June 2017

Women farmers in rural areas of Cameroon will receive support from UN Women for direct access to better skills, credit products, market opportunities, information and other services between the year 2018 and 2020. Farmer exhibits her agricultural produce at a local market in Cameroon| Photo Credit: UN Women, Fajong Joseph This support lies within the framework of the UN Women flagship programing initiative on women’s empowerment through climate-smart agriculture in rural... More

New films on Global Goals spotlight women’s journeys of resilience

13 June 2017

New films on Global Goals spotlight women's journeys of resilience More

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