UN Women South Africa Multi Country Office opening and the launch of What About Gender?

Date: Sunday, September 6, 2015

On Thursday August 27, UN Women South Africa Multi Country Office invited our colleagues from other UN agencies to join us in opening the office. The festivities began with Representative Dr Auxilia Ponga cutting the ribbon at the entrance to the boardroom with Deputy Representative Themba Kalua, before UN Resident Coordinator in South Africa Mr. Gana Fofang delivered a welcome speech and awarded certificates to those who had participated in the Gender Theme Group training run by UN Women. A table was set up where our male colleagues could sign up at HeForShe.org and many promised to recruit more sign-ups from colleagues, some even going to offices in the building immediately to fetch them.

The event was also the launch of the What About Gender? campaign that UN Women MCO will be running within the UN building. The campaign will raise awareness of how to work towards gender equality in the workplace. To kick it off, guests were photographed holding placards making various promises to promote gender equality and empower women. These promises are now being turned into posters, along with tip- and factsheets.

It was a lighthearted and successful morning filled with laughter. If you missed the event, and have not yet signed up at HeForShe, visit the following link www.HeForShe.org , and share your vote of support on social media.

UN Women MCO looks forward to engaging with you on gender equality in the workplace and at home over the coming months.