Niger is a country in north-east West Africa that covers an area of 1,267,000 km², two-thirds of which is occupied by the Sahara Desert. It has an estimated population of 15.9 million composed of 50.1% women and 49.9% men; 79.6% of this population lives in rural areas.  Due to its geographical location, the country is subject to climatic hazards linked to a hostile environmental context and prolonged periods of droughts resulting in a situation of chronic food insecurity that make Niger one of the poorest countries in the world. National statistics show a poverty rate of 60% for the country. 

UN Women in Niger 

UN Women in Niger is developing partnerships to achieve lasting social change in the following areas: Governance and decentralization; Economic development; Gender-responsive budgeting; Combating violence against women; Gender mainstreaming in policy; national strategies and programs; and Promotion of women's rights as part of its coordinating role. 

Ongoing programs 

  • Support for the eradication of violence against women and enhancement of their role in peace: 2011-2014. 

  • Support for the reduction of maternal and infant mortality in Africa and Haiti - MUSKOKA: 2012 - 2015.