Guinea Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is a small state located on the West coast of Africa with approximately 1,597,000 inhabitants. Political instability, corruption, impunity, poor access to justice and increasing rates of organized crime continue to threaten Guinea-Bissau’s political and social stability. Consequently, this led to a stagnant and paralyzed socio and economic development and increased gender discrimination and violation of human rights. Since the coup d’Etat April 2012, the absence of a recognized government, the suspension of the cooperation by the International Community and the exclusion of Guinea Bissau in the AU have worsen the socio and development indicators, especially among women and children. However, the United Nations Agencies has increased awareness and support to stabilize the country, end impunity, corruption and related crimes. 

UN Women in Guinea-Bissau

Recent progress can be observed with respect to: the Formation of the Ministry of Women, Family and National Solidarity, which will accelerate approval of the National Gender Policy (PNIEG 2012-2015) and formulate and implement the Plan of Action; increased awareness of women’s role in the upcoming elections due to take place 24 November 2013; provision of support by UNWOMEN and UNIOGBIS to strengthen the Women Political Platform (PPN) for the full participation of women in elections, decision making and peace building; consultative and supportive missions by high UN Officials to foster a conducive and enabling environment for elections; and the recent adoption of the Law to end Female Genital Mutilation (June 2011) and Law to end domestic violence (July 2013).

Ongoing programme :

  • Support to justice and security sector reform in Guinea-Bissau
  • H4+Sida Collaboration on Accelerating Progress in Maternal and Newborn Health
  • Peace Building Fund “Gender Promotion Initiative” – Quick and Multilevel Impact for Women’s Economic  Empowerment and Improvement of Working Conditions in Guinea Bissau
  • Guinea-Bissau Stabilization and Electoral Support Portfolio
  • Improved access to Justice and Security Services for women and girls victims of GBV