Women Candidates Reinforce Technical Capacity Before Elections

Date: Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Ministry of Women, Family and Children, in collaboration with the Director General of Decentralization, with the support of UN Women, organized a meeting with women candidates in municipal and regional elections, as a prelude to the electoral campaign related to the local elections of 13 October 2018. The objective of the meeting was to offer a platform for consultation with women candidates, to reinforce their technical capacities in the conduct of an electoral campaign and to collect the proposals of the actors working for a better representation of the women in the decision-making spheres in Ivory Coast.


From left to right: Dr. TAHET, Director Deputy General of Decentralization; Mrs. BAKAYOKO-LY Ramata, Minister of Women, Family and Children, and Mrs. Sylvie ADOU GOUGOUA, in charge of the Political Participation Program at UN Women Photo:UN Women

This meeting recorded the presence of all women candidates in regional and municipal elections, as well as that of the representative of the African Union, the Secretary of State for Human Rights, Mr. Zebeyoux, Ms. Léopoldine Coffi and Euphrasie Yao , Former Ministers of Women, Ms. Faber of the Prime Minister's Office, Director of the National Democratic Institute (NDI), Forum of Women of Political Parties (FemP-CI), and Networks of Civil Society Organizations (GOFEHF) all come to support the candidates.

In her remarks, the Minister of Women, Professor Bakayoko-ly Ramata recalled the under-representation of women in decision-making bodies, despite numerous initiatives already undertaken to raise this rate. She also noted that the commitment of women for the next elections should increase the rate of their representation in decision-making spheres. She also congratulated the women for their obvious willingness to contribute to the advancement of Côte d'Ivoire: "By your participation in this ballot, you demonstrate your interest in the development of your respective constituencies and that of our country," Ms. Gougoua from UN Women highlighted the importance of women's political participation and reiterated UN Women's support to women for better positioning in decision-making.


A cross-section of women candidates in elections Municipal and Regional. Photo: UN Women

During the panel, Ms. Dao Gabala, of the Coalition of Women Leaders of Côte d'Ivoire, Mrs. Yolibi Koné, Central Commissioner at the Independent Electoral Commission (CEI), and Mrs. Kaba Yaya Fofana of the Fairness Observatory and of Gender, made three presentations on the theme, "How to conduct a good election campaign." These presentations allowed the candidates to be educated on the attitudes and strategies to be adopted during this electoral period, the knowledge of the legal framework of the elections, the communication techniques during the electoral period and the bodies to be seized in case of violence during this period

In addition, the 60-question Election Code and the "how to be elected" guide developed by UN Women and the Lead African Organization were circulated to the present candidates, with a view to strengthening their level of information.

It is with determination and assurance that the women candidates shared their experience and thanked the Minister for this initiative before taking part in the cocktail that marked the end of the meeting.