What we do

UN Women supports regional gender-responsive measures to promote women’s leadership and participation in politics, government, business and society, and to influence regional and national legal frameworks and policies to increase women’s leadership and political participation. Learn more

Through regional and national interventions, UN Women aims to empower women to increase income, build assets, wealth and business leadership, by facilitating women’s access to productive resources and business services, and by addressing policy and regulatory barriers, to promote women’s active participation in the economy. Learn more

In intergovernmental forums at the United Nations, Member States come together to debate and seek agreement on global gender equality norms and standards. Learn more

UN Women support the development, implementation and adoption of regional and national policies and strategies in line with international standards to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls. Learn more

When different parts of the multilateral system act together, they can deliver greater results—and maximize the use of scarce resources. Within the UN system, UN Women is mandated to lead, promote and coordinate efforts to advance the full realization of women’s rights and opportunities. Learn more

UN Women facilitates linkages and influences between women’s lived experiences and efforts with regional intergovernmental policy and programme processes, and leverages spaces for women leaders to directly engage regional institutions, participate in mediation and other conflict resolution and peace initiatives. Learn more

In Africa, UN Women focuses on providing technical and policy advisory services, developing capacity of regional institutions and Governments in gender-responsive governance and development planning and implementation, including budgeting processes. Learn more

UN Women supports regional institutions, governments and other stakeholders in setting up and applying comprehensive and dynamic set of global norms, policies and standards on gender equality and empowerment of women. Learn more

The Conference, “Unleashing the Potential of Youth in Africa- Prioritizing Investment in Youth Development in the Post-2015 Agenda ”, is a continental convening designed to open up spaces for young people to contribute to inclusive and equitable development and decision-making processes within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more