Technologies for Rural Women in Africa

Technologies for Rural Women in Africa

The highlights of this issue :

  • Summary of Critical Interventions Needed: An Agenda For Action for Governments and Partners
  • Inspiring Agricultural Change: Sharefair on Rural Women's Technologies
  • Transforming Into a Green Sustainable Village With the Help of Women's Technologies
  • Remove the Time Burdens of Women Farmers for a More Productive, Improved Lifestyle
  • Both Women and Men to be Considered in Scaling up the Use of Agricultural Innovations
  • Close the National Policy Gap First to Narrow the Gender Technology Gap
  • Food and Nutrition Security Sarts With Agricultural production for Women
  • She Who Learns, Teaches: Using Social Networks for Technology Adoption
  • What Do We Still Need to Learn About Technology Adoption by Women Family Farmers, as Highlighted in the ESA Sharefair?

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