Zanzibar's SDGs Gender Indicators

Infographics on Zanzibar's SDG Gender Indicators
The Zanzibar's SDGs Gender Indicators Study was informed by the realization that Zanzibar lacks the necessary gender indicators to inform policy and decision-making. As a result, a statistics review was conducted with the aim of reprocessing crucial gender data from various statistical products. This aimed to inform the inclusion of gender in statistical processes, and to develop the priority Gender Equality and Women Empowerment (GEWE) indicators. The indicators will support reporting on the SDGs, Agenda 2063, the Zanzibar Poverty Reduction Plan (popularly known by its Kiswahili acronym MKUZA III) and other reporting priorities. This publication comprises infographics for each of the sectors reported in the Zanzibar SDGs Gender Indicators Report, namely: Poverty and Hunger, Health, Decent Work, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Key Messages, the COVID-19 Context, and Recommendations.

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