Guideline for Gender Sensitive Conflict Reporting for Media in Ethiopia

Gender sensitive media reporting guideline cover page
UN Women Ethiopia

UN Women Ethiopia Country Office in collaboration with Ethiopian Media Authority has been building the capacity of Journalists on Gender Sensitive conflict reporting ad peace journalism. Out of the trainings the need to develop gender Sensitive Conflict Reporting guideline has ben created. The guideline is prepared to support journalists to portray and represent women and men accurately and ethically in their conflict reporting. The guideline is also intended to provide guidance to media practitioners on ways of mitigating gender stereotypes, gender biases, and gender discriminations in conflict reporting. In addition, it provides important explanations on the essence and significance of gender sensitive conflict reporting as well as ways of minimizing harmful approaches to conflict reporting. The guideline covers 8 principles of Gender Sensitive Conflict Reporting with points to know about each principle, practical actions that can be taken, expected challenges, possible solutions and examples.

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