Rapid assessment of impact of the Russian-Ukraine war on rural livelihoods in Tanzania

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In February 2022, as the world was still experiencing the residual effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia launched another military attack on Ukraine. This crisis has continued to cause major disruptions in global supply value chains which has translated into increased commodity prices and cost of living. Several countries globally including sub-Saharan Africa depend on Russia and Ukraine for wheat, fuel, and natural gas imports. In addition, the war in Ukraine has had a particularly negative effect on the wellbeing of women and girls worldwide, widening gender gaps and increasing rates of food insecurity, malnutrition and energy poverty while violating their human rights.

Tanzania, like any other country across the globe, is not immune to the possible adverse effects of the crisis. Currently, there is no independent assessment carried out in the country that provides evidence of the effects of the Russia-Ukraine crisis on the rural population. To this end, this  rapid assessment provides an analysis of the impacts of the Russia-Ukraine crisis on rural livelihoods in Tanzania with a focus on various vulnerable groups, particularly women and girls.

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