UN Women East and Southern Africa Regional Office Publications Reader Survey Report (2023)

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UN Women East and Southern Africa Regional Office initiated a biennial survey for 2021-2022 publications to analyze readers' evaluation of the leading publications in terms of several attributes, facilitate continuous improvements in UN Women's publications and draw lessons for conducting future readership surveys. The survey was also meant to consult the audiences on their perception of publications' readability, presentations, design and layout. Furthermore, these surveys, some of which were conducted in 2021, 2019 and 2016, have enabled an in-depth understanding of publication needs and feedback from various UN Women regional office stakeholders. The feedback has been used to improve trends and develop evidence-based and demand-driven approaches for ESARO publications. The surveys have also helped inform publication processes, including creating quality assurance guidance and centralizing the process with more robust accountability mechanisms for knowledge production. The surveys have further informed formatting for ESARO publications, accessibility for development and policy making (particularly in East and Southern Africa), and ways UN Women ESARO could improve on the presentation of their publications to accelerate demand by diverse stakeholders. With the feedback received from the past surveys, UN Women has consistently strived to enhance publication processes, including creating more comprehensive platforms for sharing knowledge and publications periodically to improve access and readability of produced publications at the Country Offices' websites, Regional Offices and Social Media platforms among other media to upscale access and promote knowledge amongst audiences, UN System and stakeholders.

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