Policy Dialogue Workshop - Towards a roadmap for reforms on women's unpaid care work in Senegal.

Policy dialogue
Join us for a crucial policy dialogue workshop, where we will work together to develop a roadmap for reforms in unpaid care work for women in Senegal. Full details ▼
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Start date: 12 April 2023 | Start time: 00:00 UTC +00:00
End date: 14 April 2023 | End time: 23:59 UTC +00:00
Location: Saly-Mbour , Senegal

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Policy dialogue

Care work is essential to the functioning of households and societies, but it is often not recognised, remunerated or valued. In Senegal, women spend an average of 4 hours and 9 minutes per day on domestic work and childcare, compared to 30 minutes for men. More than 2/3 of Senegalese working women are concentrated in the agricultural sector in rural areas, where access to regular basic services such as energy, water and sanitation is limited and where productive and reproductive activities overlap and exacerbate women's time poverty.   

The project "Transformative Approaches to Recognizing, Reducing and Redistributing Unpaid Care Work in Senegal (3R project)", funded by Global Affairs Canada and implemented by UN Women in partnership with regional and local institutions in northern Senegal between March 2021 and March 2023, aimed to identify solutions to the unpaid care needs of rural women in Senegal, through innovation, community engagement, updating communal development plans, facilitating access to time-saving technologies and climate change resilience for rural women, developing community-based childcare facilities, and supporting national-level policy dialogue and reform. After Phase I of the project, a second phase will be implemented for the period 2023-2024.  

As part of the closure of Phase I of the 3R/Senegal project, the Ministry of Women, Family and Child Protection and UN Women plan to hold a 3-day multi-stakeholder policy dialogue workshop from 12-14 April 2023. 


Agenda Policy dialogue workshop - Towards a roadmap for reforms in women's unpaid care work in Senegal - April 12-14.

Powerpoint Policy dialogue workshop - Towards a roadmap for reforms on women's unpaid care work in Senegal.

Policy Brief:  Innovative solutions to recognize, reduce and redistribute unpaid care work by rural women in Senegal.

Guidance NoteIntegrating unpaid care solutions into Local Development Plans in Senegal.

Case study-A bottom-up approach to care policies and programs: the case of the 3r program addressing the unpaid care needs of rural women in Senegal.