35 staff from the coordination and decentralized units of the PDCVA project trained on the development, collection and use of gender-sensitive indicators.

Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Group picture.
Group picture. Photo credit: Joseph Lindjeck/UN Women

UN Women has trained 35 staff from the coordination and decentralized units of the Value Chain Development Project (PD_CVA) and from partners structures, have acquired skills on gender mainstreaming in the monitoring and evaluation mechanisms of the project. The workshop which took place from 17th to 19th July 2019 at Hostelry La Sanaga of Edea sought to develop and inform a sensitive gender performance monitoring framework, according to the principles of Results Based Monitoring approach and to collect and analyze data dis-aggregated by sex.

Participants appreciated the training session and were satisfied with the newly acquired skills. According to M. MBIDA Raoul Modeste (Environmental Expert), “The choice of the logical framework of the Value Chain Project as the key work document gave us an opportunity to master indicators of the project in relation to results and activities, to identify gender gaps and key entry points to integrate gender issues.This training is an exercise that will allow me to re-frame, to reorient myself.Many of us have learned to reformulate the indicators according to gender standards. We will now be able to improve the quality of our interventions and the various reports that come from the grassroots.

Participants working in groups.
Participants working in groups. Photo credit: Joseph Lindjeck/UN Women.

M. NANGA ERIC (Pineapple Expert) says: “We have understood that it is important for us experts in the field, to integrate gender consideration at each result level and each activity. After the first workshop on gender mainstreaming in the planning and programming cycle organized few weeks ago, this second session completes the prerequisites acquired during this course. It allowed participants to immerse themselves on gender mainstreaming so that the actions implemented effectively address the needs, interests and concerns of all social components”.

The capacity building training was organized in the context of implementation of the gender component of the Value Chain Development Project of which UN Women has been selected to provide Technical Assistance.