Participatory visual methods trainings in Cameroon

Second Chance Education Project (SCE) five project sites (Ngam Refugee Camp, Minawao Refugee Camp, Mora, Mokolo and Bertoua) 16-25 November 2020

Date: Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Cameroon Training SCE 2

Training of facilitators by National Film maker in Mokolo. Photo credit UN Women

Online learning portal through blended and independent learning opportunities is one of the two modalities through which Second Chance Education Project (SCE) is delivered to develop a global blueprint for providing women who dropped out of school with pathways into livelihoods, employment and leadership positions.

SCE Online learning portal program leverages the opportunities of innovative teaching approaches, digital technologies and social networks with learning content freely accessible online to learners with internet connectivity and offline in physical spaces set up. In this light, 10 project facilitators benefited from basic trainings on participatory visual methods training to enable them help groups in communities to identify and analyze important issues in their community and produce powerful stories.

To make this highly effective, UN Women signed partnership with Open University in UK to further train project facilitators and provide required equipment. Open University is the world’s oldest University successful in open and distance teaching and has as mission to be open to people, places, methods, ideas and promote social justice by making high quality education accessible to all regardless of background

With this program, locally created courses will be produced from beneficiary communities using new and existing materials, teaching skills directly relevant to the context. This also will be an effective tool to engage and mobilize marginalized women and girls and help them to implement their own forms of sustainable development based on local needs. The learning design takes into account their levels of education, literacy and digital literacy and environmental factors such as access to technology and flexibility in the time and place of study that for example young mothers with domestic responsibilities might need.

Cameroon Training SCE 1

Participatory Video equipment provided in the five women Empowerment Centers. Photo credit UN Women


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