UN Women and UNDP support health workers in acquiring new skills on the human rights-based approach to responding to HIV and AIDS control

Bafoussam 8-10 December 2020

Date: Monday, December 21, 2020

40 participants, 23 women and 17 men, zone chiefs, community health workers and civil society organizations took part from 08 to 10 December 2020 in the capacity building workshop on the human-based approach to service delivery in the response to HIV/AIDS, that was held at the PESSI Hotel in Bafoussam. It was organized by Cameroon youths Students Forum for Peace with the technical and financial support of UN Women and UNDP. The main objective was to improve knowledge on the set of health care rights that frame a standardized and effective response in the administration of the HIV/AIDS response.

Photo de famille ABDH Bafoussam

Photo de famille ABDH Bafoussam, photo credit UN Women Cameroon

During these three days, zone chiefs, community health workers and civil society organizations acquired skills on the main targets in the field of HIV in Cameroon, the social determinants influencing patient follow-up, the link between gender-based violence, human rights and HIV/AIDS, and the human rights approach to health care and the fight against the stigmatization, feminization and discrimination of HIV.

According to Mrs. « TCHINDA YENDJI Jully Flore », community health worker of Sema Lafe Baleng of district of Bafoussam II, " These new skills on the human rights approach in the implementation of the response to HIV and AIDS will enable us to better take into account the sensitivity and specificity of the members of our community in order to make them aware of the importance of knowing their serological status, the notion of confidentiality in the workplace and the importance of assistance in the follow-up of patients."

Beyond the knowledge of HIV/AIDS by community health workers, they received additional capacities on gender-based violence and human rights in health care.

In this sense, the results expected in their various missions will be improved in order to contribute to the achievement of the 95-95-95 objectives.