UN Women Somalia 16 Days of Activism 2023 commemoration


Figure 1:Dr. Syed Sadiq Head of Un Women Somalia at the Joint UN 16 Days Launch Event.
Dr. Syed Sadiq Head of Un Women Somalia at the Joint UN 16 Days Launch Event. Photo: UN Women

UN Women Somalia joined UN entities, government, and communities in Somalia in a united effort to break the chains of silence and injustice through a launch event followed by a tree planting event which highlighted the need for increased investment and combined effort to end all forms of Gender based violence. 

The ministries of women and human rights development at the federal and federal members state commemorated the 16-days of activities with the support of UN Women Somalia and the UN Gender Theme Group (GTG) through art, culture, and storytelling.  The campaign has provided a platform that weaved the experiences of women and girls into the fabric of society.

Ms. Aisa Kirabo Kacyira Assistant Secretary-General and Head of UNSOS in her message emphasized on the role of each UN staff member role in advocacy and support to prevention of violence against women.  SRSG, DSRSG/RC/HC, ASG joined by the UN team inaugurated the creche for children as well as safe drinking water plant in the UN premises.

ASG Aisa Kirabo Kacyira with Head of UN Women Dr Sadiq Syed and UNSOS Gender Advisor Judith Mirembe
ASG Aisa Kirabo Kacyira with Head of UN Women Dr Sadiq Syed and UNSOS Gender Advisor Judith Mirembe. Photo: UN Women

In her remarks on the "Dignity for All" podcast on 8th December 2023, Honorable Khadija Diriye highlighted the significant role of the government, particularly Somalia's Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development, in addressing gender-based violence. She emphasized Somalia's foundation as an Islamic nation, where the constitution is deeply rooted in Islamic values. By underscoring this, she stressed the importance of aligning government efforts with these principles to effectively combat gender-based violence. Additionally, she commended the Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development for its proactive stance in spearheading initiatives aimed at promoting and protecting human rights across Somalia. Through her comprehensive remarks, Honorable Khadija Diriye conveyed the critical need for government leadership and commitment to tackling gender-based violence within the framework of Islamic values and human rights principles.

A Group photo of I6 Days of Activism planning team meeting. Photo: UN Women
A Group photo of I6 Days of Activism planning team meeting. Photo: UN Women

H.E honorable minister Khadija Mohamed Diriye during the launching event of International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3rd of December said in her opening speech let us embark on this journey towards a more inclusive and just society, where every individual can thrive and contribute fully to our shared prosperity.”

H.E. Adar Ibrahim, Juba land minister of women family and human rights affairs said “Gender Based Violence is not only rape case but covers all forms of violence and discriminative practices, as reiterated by many previous speakers. Despite efforts, female genital mutilation (FGM) is still practiced secretly especially in the villages and the out skirts of Kismayo. However, it will come to an end to soon with the support of our able women leaders, clan eldersand women groups under umbrellas that comprises all villages in Kismayo.

Ministry of women and human rights development in Hirshabelle state held a panel discussion on various topics on Gender equality, legal frameworks, community mobilization and survivor support services which prompted in-depth discussions on innovative approaches where the Investing in education emerged as a cornerstone, a potent tool to challenge societal norms and foster equality. Schools were flagged as sanctuaries of knowledge, equipping girls with the skills to shape their destinies and the investment in education an investment in a future where opportunities are boundless.

Similarly, UN Women Somalia supported the Ministry of Employment, Social and Family Affairs in Somaliland on the commemoration of the 16-days of Activism, which saw vast attendance from government officials from sister line ministries, CSOs, UN Agencies, international and local organizations and women-led and women rights organization.

H.E. Eng Ali Omer Mohamed minister of Ministry of Employment, Social and Family Affairs in his opening remarks appreciated the significance of the 16-days of Activism Campaign and urged all the line ministries for the need of investing in policies and system that enables the prevention of violence against women and girls.