Inclusive and accountable governance and women’s access to justice

Hadijah Ilakut (Legal Officer, Uganda Law Society) in Nakapiripit offers lifesaving legal aid services (UN Women/Uganda)
Hadijah Ilakut, (right) Legal Officer, Uganda Law Society in Nakapiripit offers lifesaving legal aid services (Photo: UN Women Uganda)

UN Women Uganda focuses its contribution in six key areas including enhancing visibility and capacity of women and girls to participate in democratic processes and inclusive governance of Uganda, increasing the availability and use of quality data and statistics to track progress on Gender Equality And Women’s Empowerment for policy and decision making, strengthening justice institutions to enforce women’s and girls’ rights, reinforce accountability mechanisms on the implementation of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment laws and policies, and strengthening capacities for institutions and networks of women in their diversity to fully participate, lead and engage in corporate governance, public service, and political processes.  UN Women Uganda will also support the strengthening of the capacity of the UN system, government, and non-government actors to deliver global, regional, and national normative commitments, including on statistical development. and the capacity of government and non-government actors to assess progress in implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action/Generation Equality Forum and other global normative and policy frameworks.