UN Women Ethiopia: Changing the lives of women and girls

ECO 2018 report cover
Letty Chiwara, Anna Parini, Soren Winther, Glenn Shaw and Fikerte Abebe

This publication presents UN Women Ethiopia’s key accomplishments in Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) in the country and around Africa. Highlighting the conceptual framework for GEWE, the publication explains the country office’s triple mandate; Normative, Coordination and Operationalization. It presents the crucial works done by the office and recognizes the collaboration of partners to make consistent and meaningful changes by elaborating successful initiatives under the different programmes’ interventions. The publication includes case stories to exemplify the positive impacts of the programmes at the individual and community levels.

The publication acknowledges the country’s remarkable transformation in girls’ and women’s empowerment such as by significantly increasing women’s political participation.  It also stresses serious challenges which require more work in partnership with the government institutions, development partners, United Nations agencies, CSOs as well as UN Women’s offices at headquarters, regions and country offices.   

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