Guideline for Gender Responsive Media

UN Women/ Ethiopian Broadcast Authority

The information and guidelines included in this guidebook (prepared in Amharic and English) are meant to equip media practitioners with the basics of Gender, the politics  of gender and representation. The Guideline is part of UN Women’s Project, ‘Enhancing the Role of Media in Promoting Gender Equality and Women in Leadership, with The Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority (EBA).

Gender responsiveness guides the media as a critical instrument to create awareness about gender equality, the rights of women in the society, and to combat against stereotypes that have resulted in their degradation and marginalization. It can also be used to advance their empowerment in performing their legitimate positive social role in the society.  This is the context in which this gender responsive media guideline is prepared.

During the development of the guideline, samples from  print and broadcast media  were consulted. International, regional, and national legal and policy frameworks were also reviewed. The process which led to the preparation of the guideline was very comprehensive. A Technical Working Group (TWG), composed of technical people drawn from various key stakeholders, constituted to oversee the guideline development with a responsibility to pass  key decisions  to ensure quality of different deliverables has been  consulted throughout the  process.   In order to further enrich the draft guideline,  and  as a fundamental step  for its completion, a validation workshop was held among stake holders; experts representing print and broadcast media  from all over the country  were represented.

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