UN Women ESARO Evaluation knowledge products series 2020

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The evaluation knowledge products series summarizes common trends across findings, conclusions, and lessons learned as well as recommendations in the evaluation reports from East and Southern Africa region.  The knowledge products are based on a meta-analysis of lessons and recommendations contained in 26 evaluations conducted on UNW programmes in the ESA region during the period 2015-2018 and rated as ‘satisfactory’ or higher using the UNW Global Evaluation Reports Assessment and Analysis System (GERAAS). The synthesis aligns with UN Women Thematic Areas and the its Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency (OEE) framework outlined in the 2018-21 Global Strategic Plan.

This series of Evaluation knowledge products complements a previous meta-analysis done in 2016. The 2016 meta-analysis is based on lessons from 19 evaluations conducted from 2009-15 and available here.

Webinar| Evaluation Lessons on Women Economic Empowerment


Overview of UNW Evaluation Lessons in ESAR 2015-18

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