Women’s Mediation Capacity in Nigeria: An Analytical Report onthe Gaps and Opportunitiesn the Process.

Women Mediation Analysis
Research: Lantana Bako Abdullahi and Rita Kigbara / Technical input: Prof. Joy Onyesoh / Technical review: Olubukola Ademola-Adelehin and Semiha Abdumelik / Editing and design: Edward Miller

In Nigeria, women remain drastically underrepresented in peace processes. This is not entirely due to lack of capacity, but also due
to lack of power and access as patriarchy plays a key role in excluding women from formal and informal peace processes. The report is a situational analysis of the participation of women as mediators in conflict resolution in Nigeria. It presents an in-depth understanding of the gaps and challenges of women mediators in the specific context of each of the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria and the existence of local and national frameworks for action for inclusive participation in peace processes. The report provides a situational analysis of the opportunities for inclusive peace processes in Nigeria by assessing the existing capacity, visibility and level of engagement of women mediators, as well as the entry points for enhanced utilization of women mediation capacity in peace processes in Nigeria. The research consisted of a national desk review using primary and secondary sources, mapping of women mediators using a combination of qualitative and quantitative research approaches, consultative engagements in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria, and key informant interviews (KIIs). These served the important function of providing the primary data for the analysis of the gaps and opportunities for women mediators in Nigeria to engage in conflict resolution by examining the nuanced socio-political context, legal environment and conflict situation across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria. This report provides the key finding as well as recommended action to strengthen inclusive frameworks for responses to Nigeria's peace and security challenges through the inclusion of women. The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund of the United Kingdom Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office supported the undertaking of the research and the development of the analytical report.

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