UN Women Somalia Half 1 2023 Newsletter

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Welcome to our half year newsletter edition of our highlights, achievements and initiatives driven by UN Women Somalia .In our newsletter, we delved into the impactful activities surrounding the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 67) delegation led by the Federal Government Minister, sharing their invaluable experiences and best practices on the international stage. We also shine a spotlight on our collaborative efforts with sister agencies during International Women's Day, celebrating the remarkable achievements of Somali women leaders. Furthermore, we share the inspiring success stories from our Women, Peace, and Security project at the grassroots level. Learn how we've contributed to the development and localization of the national action plan and the formation and operationalization of women's networks, fostering peace and security in the region, additionally, our newsletter covers the Japan-promoted COVID-19 LEAP project, which has significantly improved and empowered women and girls through leadership training , focusing on safeguarding the dignity of women and girls during these challenging times.

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