East and Southern Africa Regional Gender Equality Profile

GE Assessment

The regional gender equality profile looks at over twenty critical areas concerning African women’s lives, touching upon laws, rights, culture, opportunities and barriers, while examining burning issues such as climate change, land, peace and security, unpaid work and childcare, among others. Stemming from this picture, the Report conveys a sense of direction, offers strategic recommendations and brings to the surface many solutions. A wealth of impactful initiatives adopted at some point, somewhere in the region are in fact punctually showcased composing a blueprint for change. The Report highlights the imperative and urgent need to have men, along with women, become gender equality activists and work towards violence-free, inclusive societies. An important reflection on masculinity sheds light on how toxic masculinity models not only harm women and girls, but the majority of men and boys too. In this regard, gender equality really matters for both men and women, and requires both to join their efforts to realize it. Responding to the call of accelerating progress towards gender equality, our staff and partners can use this Report as a key knowledge product and source of strategic guidance for regional level policy advocacy and programming. It is approachable and reader friendly, enabling a diversified audience-including governments, donors, UN agencies, INGOs and NGOs, women’s rights activists and private sector partners-to easily find the facts and information they need to shape and promote their initiatives.

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Geographic coverage: Africa
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