UN Women staff at WCARO updates its knowledge on HIV in the workplace

Date: Monday, July 4, 2016

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On June 2nd, the EVAW Section at the UN Women Regional Office for West and Central Africa organized a 4 hours-UNCARES training facilitated  by the UNCARES Regional Coordinator Mr. Kilembe Duvert Kimok and Ms. Elisabeth Gueye, Regional Program Specialist and UNCARES focal point at UN Women WCARO. This highly interactive session was an opportunity to review the basics and the latest developments in HIV / AIDS and the response in the workplace. The staff received complete and accurate information to protect themselves from HIV and to fight against stigma.

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Indeed, the United Nations system requires that we all have the basic information about transmission, prevention, treatment and care for HIV, and we are aware of the strict rules on our workplace prohibiting any stigma and discrimination. This briefing has been made mandatory by the Secretary General. We encourage each one of you to disseminate the various messages to your entourage, and to do this, please refer to the brochure « Living in a World with HIV »