From Where I Stand: Every day, I witness the lands of my ancestors eroding.


Halima Mohammed Abdel Rahman Al-Aalim
Halima. Photo: Ahmed Omer

Every day, I witness the lands of my ancestors eroding. The rivers, once a source of life, now threaten our very existence. Climate changes and hasty human interventions without proper studies have exacerbated the erosion, sweeping away our fertile lands

Growing up in the village of Shaqra, we were dependent on the streams. They once flourished with our cultivation, but now, the massive makeshift barrages have led to severe land erosion. Many, including me, have seen our lands drift away. But the most significant challenge? It's the security situation and the frequent violations we women face

I rise with the first prayer, manage my household chores, and then attend to the responsibilities of the Shaqra Agricultural Association. It's a collective effort, as women from neighboring villages and I cultivate on a rotational basis, especially for those who lack personal lands. And despite the challenges, there’s hope. We've constructed embankments to combat erosion, even before the men in our village, a step towards protecting our legacy.

The patriarchal mindset suppresses us, limiting our roles post-war in every sphere - political, economic, social, and cultural. But I am determined to change that, for my community, for my daughter studying humanitarian security, and for the countless women who need a voice."

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Halima, a peace activist and women's human rights defender from North Darfur is a key figure in the Shaqra agricultural association and the head of the women's development association in her village. She is deeply rooted in her community's growth. Engaging with UN Women since 2008, Halima has actively participated in workshops in Kenya and Addis Ababa, continuously working towards gender equality. Halima is still in North Darfur resisting the shelling and resiliently leading the organization of women to stand up against war while continuing to lead on provision of humanitarian services on the ground

She exemplifies SDG 5, championing gender equality and empowering all women and girls and SDG 16 on by leading women towards standing up against war.