Women and girls live a life free of violence

Eliminating violence against women and girls
Photo: UN Women Tanzania
Through the Ending Violence Against Women and Girls Programme, we are working with partners including the government and the civil society to ensure an end to violence against women and girls. Our programme will work towards creating an enabling legislative and policy environment that will promote translating Tanzania’s commitment to the international standards into action at all levels. Such actions will guarantee all women and all girls live a life free of violence. Our strategies aim to:

I) Enhance the capacity of government institutions to implement legislation on ending violence against women and girls and other forms of discrimination;

II) Strengthen women’s voice and urgency for the reforms and operationalisation of updated laws and policies;

III) Improve availability, accessibility and capacity of services to survivors of violence; and

IV) Increased access to effective services, coordination and protection mechanisms through social spaces in communities.

Our work also includes collaborating with UNAIDS in support the rolling-out of the National Action Plan for Tanzania through provision of support services for targeted population groups, specifically women using drugs. Our response also reaches refugees in Kigoma where we are developing the capacity of providers of multi-sectoral services such as the prevention and responsiveness to various forms of violence including sexual assault.