Cross Cutting Issues

In Zimbabwe we continue to lobby for the removal of structural and discriminatory barriers that limit the participation of women facing intersecting forms of discrimination, which is the essence of the LNOB (Leave No One Behind) approach in our programming. We work to strengthen production, analysis and use of gender statistics, disaggregated data (sex, age & disability) to inform policy making, advocacy and accountability to women in governance and participation in public life mediation and related areas, strengthen the implementation of normative frameworks,  building capacity of relevant institutions that deliver mandates on gender equality.

We remain well- positioned to coordinate the UN system ensuring accountability to gender equality  Our work has provided thought leadership and technical expertise by enabling the gender analyses to inform key UN and national documents including the National Development Strategy , the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) Gender Mainstreaming Strategy and the UN Socio-Economic Framework in response to the COVI9-19 pandemic. 

Through the Spotlight Initiative  programme in Zimbabwe, we broadened our partnerships with women’s rights groups at the community level, creating a base for linking gender equality and women’s rights activism at the local and national levels for more inclusive conversations on how to achieve change for all women. Strategically, UN Women strengthened its collaboration with other UN agencies working on EVAW technically through joint implementation of actions and in the coordination of the EVAW joint program.