Women Political Empowerment (WPE)

In the build up to the 2023 general elections in Nigeria, UN Women engaged the media, CSOs and other stakeholders to promote women's participation 2023
UN Women CO Representative, Ms Comfort Lamptey meets Hon. Ononuga Adewunmi, Chairperson, House Committee on Women Affairs in the National Assembly. Photo: UN Women/ Faith Bwibo
Inclusive governance and achievement of human rights depend on all citizens’ equal participation in political leadership and decision-making. To address women’s low representation in political leadership and decision-making spaces, UN Women Nigeria implements interventions to mainstream gender equality in legislative reform processes and institutional arrangements. These interventions are targeted at spotlighting the achievements of Nigerian women leaders whilst strengthening their capacities for active political participation and leadership. Within this scope, UN Women works with women legislators and young women aspiring for political office.

UN Women works closely with government institutions, including Federal and State Ministries of Women Affairs, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the National Institute for Democratic and Legislative Studies. We also support Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to demand the passing of equality bills that promote equal representation of women in politics through the Women Political Participation Partner’s Working Group.

Recognizing the negative effect patriarchal and societal norms have on women’s participation in leadership, UN Women works closely with political parties and media to dismantle harmful stereotypes and party processes. In collaboration with women mediator groups and the women’s situation room, UN Women’s interventions further address violence against women in politics. These interventions seek to shift public perception of women’s leadership and positively portray women leaders.