Call for Proposals: Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund

Submission deadline: 28 November 2023

1. Objectives and Purpose of the Call for Proposals

The overall purpose of this call for proposals is to provide grants to local women and young women’s civil society organizations in Sudan focused on ensuring an enabling environment for WPS commitments, increasing women’s leadership in conflict resolution, and peacebuilding and recovery, in conflict and humanitarian contexts.


The call for proposals specifically contributes to the following WPHF Impact Areas:

· Impact Area 1: Enhanced role of civil society organizations in advocating for and ensuring accountability on WPS commitments.

· Impact Area 4: Increased representation and leadership of women in formal and informal peace processes and/or implementation of peace agreements.

· Impact Area 6: Improved socio-economic recovery and political participation of women and young women in peacebuilding contexts.

This is in line with the WPHF’s overall goal of contributing to peaceful and gender equal societies.

2. Country Context Linked to Call for Proposals

The outbreak of heavy fighting on Saturday April 15 in Khartoum and at several other locations throughout the country, in particular in North and South Darfur comes amidst a proposed transition to civilian rule. The humanitarian activities have been interrupted in many states due to widespread insecurity and looting. However, women on the ground have immediately organized themselves and are delivering humanitarian assistance. Even before the recent outbreak of fighting, women and girls have already been disproportionally impacted by the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crises due to deeply enshrined gender inequalities, intersecting with other factors of discrimination such as age, ethnicity, marital status etc. Women-led organizations, in particular those led by young women, have shown strong leadership in demanding peace, however, have not been systematically included in decision making spaces. Given that the combined effects of crises and the current outbreak of fighting in Sudan are disproportionately affecting women’s and girls’ access to services, and economic activity, it is critical that local women and their organizations take up a critical part in conflict resolution to ensure gender-inclusive and sustainable responses to the current needs and can sustain themselves.

Special attention will be provided to applications supporting women and girls multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination, such as those marginalized and excluded due to poverty, ethnicity, disability, age, geography, migratory status, HIV status, among others.


3. Scope (Location and Duration)

The WPHF will fund qualifying projects in Sudan with a geographical focus in 4 states of Gedaref, Gezira, Sennar and White Nile.

Multi-country projects, or projects outside the geographical focus will NOT be accepted.


CSOs can apply for a maximum of 2 year (24 month).